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How to Withdraw Money from BetKing Nigeria? What is the Minimum Withdrawal?

Withdrawing money from the betting office is one of the most important questions that players are asked. In fact, it is not even worth trying to play if you do not clearly understand how to pocket your winnings. Guessing the outcome and not being able to take your money - what could be more offensive to the player? In this material we will explain step by step and with examples (deposit amounts to play on the account - topic of a separate article) how to withdraw money at BetKing, using one of the most popular betting companies as an example.

Authorization and Account

The first thing you need to do is log in (or register - just a few minutes) and make sure that your betting (gaming) account (called "deposit") reaches the minimum amount allowed for a withdrawal. Next, you will find the Withdraw button in the upper left corner and click it - you will then see all the options on how to collect the amount you have won. By clicking on the desired position you follow the usual instructions in such cases.

The second option - move your mouse over the "Personal Cabinet" section in the upper right corner, click on "Betting Management", then click on the desired payment system (MasterCard or Visa). Then follow the instructions.

Withdrawal Methods

In the case we are considering, there are two simple and affordable options. A retreat to BetKing is possible:

  • To a bank card (Visa, MasterCard)

  • For an electronic wallet (PayPall)

Let's look at these in detail.

Withdrawal to a Bank Card

Money can be withdrawn on Visa or MasterCard from a 5000 NGN. There is no commission fee, and the deadline for receiving the payment depends on your bank and can take between one minute and seven days. There is no bookmaker's commission, and if interest is nevertheless deducted from your account, it is a bank commission, and you should contact the bank about it.

To transfer money to your account, you should therefore select the desired type of card by clicking on it in the Withdraw section. Withdrawals can be made only to the card with which you have deposited money into your account at least once. The card data and your registration data must match. You cannot withdraw money to another person's card.

Withdrawal of Funds to an Electronic Wallet

The bookmaker offers the following options for interaction with electronic wallets:

  • PayPal

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Payoneer

The minimum withdrawal amount in BetKing for all types of electronic purses is 500 NGN. No commission is charged. The time of receipt of money is up to 15 minutes.

The money is withdrawn in the simplest way to any wallet. For each step the system will prompt you to perform a series of actions. Everything is the same as in the previous case.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Withdrawing in BetKing

The question is often asked: "How much can you get out of it all at once? The maximum amount for a personal card - 500 000 NGN, for PayPal wallet - 2 500 000 NGN, for Apple Pay - 70 000 NGN, Google Pay - 500 000 NGN (with the maximum check) or 280 000 NGN (without it).

As you can see, the amounts are quite high. But it will take some time before the bookmaker's office confirms the payment. Usually the procedure of payment approval takes several hours, and there is a certain inconvenience in the fact that this time is always different, it is unknown in advance, which worries players.

Warning! If you are not registered on the site under your real name - this may be the reason for refusing to transfer money.

It should also be noted that the number of ways to transfer funds for a large betting company is not sufficient in this case. The lack of a possibility to transfer money to a mobile phone or a cash account (current account, bank account) of a customer is a serious disadvantage. 

Another disadvantage is that the money can only be withdrawn to a card registered in a personal closet, with which the account has been filled up at least once. Sometimes it is much more convenient to switch to another card depending on the current needs of the customer. But unfortunately this is impossible.

The good news is that with a minimum amount in the account and a registered card (if you withdraw to this account) there are no problems. A nice bonus is the ease of use of the website and the available technical support.

In general, the advantages obviously outweigh the disadvantages. The BetKing bookmaker office is quite convenient for the customer. Everyone, even a beginner, can easily take their winnings with them.