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Political Betting

When the knives are out for politicians and the public sense the spilling of blood, then there's definitely money to be made at the expense of the unfortunate. Not that any politician can be classed as hard done by in light of their recent outing as common or garden thieves having taken the tax payer for a ride over the past few years. Yes, the ministerial expenses scandal might not have been up there with the Profumo affair for downright salaciousness, but nevertheless it caught the public's imagination (and angered them to boot) when they were all exposed as a bunch of hypocritical charlatans. Duck house construction, soft porn DVDs and chandelier-cleaning were all considered crucial enough to warrant spending our hard earned money on so as to keep our elected members of parliament living the lifestyle to which they were obviously to the manor (or townhouse/mews) born. Who'd have thought.

Thing is, however much we complain, we love a bit of park life don't we? And political betting provides its fair share of that as well as entertainment! We must do, otherwise we wouldn't give a flying fig who's set to become the next Prime Minister, when the current incumbent is going to get the big heave-ho, which hitherto junior minister for nothing-in-particular is to usurp a higher profile, yet under-performing minister in a forthcoming cabinet reshuffle, and so on and so forth. Seriously, this whole predicting of a Whitehall riot is big online bookmaking business these days, with more and more of you clambering to adjudge the outcomes; and putting your virtual money where your mouth is.

Political Betting

Public Power Takes Online Political Betting To A New Audience

Party in-fighting is nothing new in the corridors of power in the Westminster postcode, however it's never been quite as colourful during past encounters, and with minsters of all ranks being held up as increasingly more accountable for their decision making (or therein, lack of) coupled with far more widespread coverage of what they do or don't do, the public play a far greater role than they might have done previously now that thanks to media intrusion they're far more privy (and therefore far more scrutinizing) of their elected constituent spokespersons. And of course it doesn't take long for the online bookmakers to sniff an opportunity to give the great unwashed a platform on which to air their views and concerns. Oh OK, bet that so-and-so will be out on their ear come a week on Wednesday after their position becomes untenable.

Elsewhere, and away from the London-centric approach to political life and times, and devolution has created further incentives for the keen political observer with a passion for online puntery to add to their virtual coffers, with Scotland and Wales now seemingly in control of their own destiny courtesy of benefiting from their very own law-making and passing assemblies with the final word in governing their subjects.

Public Power Takes Online Political Betting To A New Audience

Online Political Betting Divided Into Election Markets And Leadership Contests

With political betting, the word of thumb is as follows. Online bookmakers more often than not divide their political wagering offers into the two clear cut disciplines to keep things simple; namely election markets and leadership contests. The former allows the punter to interactively address the party politics scene – or rather the way they see it panning out in the short, medium or long-term future – and place a wager based on any of the main parties coming to power; when, who, where and possibly why. Historically centered around the big three as it were, The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Party, there has been a massive rise in new parties being formed riding on the crest of many public interest waves of late. The Green Party, United Kingdom Independence Party, Legalise Cannabis Alliance and The Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain along with a few of the old favourites such as the Official Monster Raving Loony Party being just a fraction of political outfits that vie for our votes come every by-election and general election, affording us the right to pledge our allegiance to whatever cause we see fit. More than our ancestors could ever have imagined.

Online Political Betting Patterns Linked To Social Networking Sources

Then, courtesy of a prevalence of social networking websites harbouring a deal of public sway, there's the proliferation in the more obscure ploys in which to get the most unlikely future ministerial candidates to a seat of power. Vote Jedi and Vote Clarkson (outspoken BBC2's Top Gear presenter to the uninitiated) two such examples that found their feet and subsequent voice on Facebook, each acknowledging a surge in popularity yet derived from what was just a fleeting (and comedic) thought from the instigators.

Online Political Betting Divided Into Election Markets And Leadership Contests

Leadership Contests One Of Main Online Political Betting Areas

Leadership contests, the latter, really only concern the main parties though, with all three leading lights from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties being put under pressure recently. With Labour leader, Gordon Brown's days numbered (or so we're led to believe) there isn't a week gone past whereby someone other than the former Chancellor of the Exchequer hasn't been linked with his current day job from the Labour benches, whilst the Tory leader, David Cameron has also come under fire from certain quarters of his own party for perhaps not making the most of the Conservatives new found popularity.

Aside from General Election Betting and who's going to be the next leader of the leading Nigeria parties, online gamblers also have the chance to wager on the Nigeria Presidential Elections as and when they come around.

Leadership Contests One Of Main Online Political Betting Areas

Political Betting Markets

If politics is your thing, also look out for other political betting specials like win markets for cabinet positions and keep up to date with for bookmaker offers but also look out for sites we recommend for betting on politics to keep you up to date.

Win markets are the de facto standard for political betting, although you may occasionally find other options listed on web sites. Note that not every book maker will have a dedicated "politics" section, so our tip is to look under categories such as "Specials" or "Events Betting".

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